Cycling Manifesto



The manifesto Working together with Respect promoted by Goldcar was born with the idea of contributing to the reduction of fatalities and serious injuries in accidents involving cyclists and motorists. This comes from a conviction that the basis is in the promotion of respect and compliance with the law and the traffic code.

For this reason, Goldcar ask for the commitment of people – cyclists and motorists – to promote responsible attitudes in order to avoid any confrontation between both groups and improve their coexistence on the road. We are firmly convinced that for all of us to enjoy the good and wide spread road network we have, it is necessary to use the roads in a quiet, polite and cordial way.

To this end, the persons and entities that adhere to this Manifesto voluntarily commit themselves to the following principles:


Drivers commitments


  • 1. I will keep in mind that cyclists are very vulnerable. For this reason, I will reduce speed when I approach them.
  • 2. I will keep the relevant safe space for overtaking, occupying part or all of the adjacent lane of the road whenever favourable conditions exist and respect a distance of 1.5 m. with respect to the cyclist.
  • 3. When parking, I will take a look in the rearview mirror before opening the car door, especially on narrow streets and roads, so that a collision can be avoided.
  • 4. I will keep in mind that the rider has priority. So, in case I’m driving on the road and want to make a right or left turn, I will wait for the cyclist or cyclists to pass.
  • 5. I will not use the horn when approaching a cyclist in order to prevent him from becoming nervous or frightened, also preventing a possible abrupt maneuver on his part.
  • 6. I will be sympathetic to the cyclist when he / she does not circulate on the right side of the road, as this may be due to items in the gutter.
  • 7. At roundabouts, I will give way to all groups of cyclists, considering them a single vehicle.

cyclist commitments


  • 1. I will always respect traffic regulations and traffic signs.
  • 2. I will be prudent, respectful and facilitate the circulation of cars, circulating as close as possible to the right side of the road.
  • 3. When traveling in groups, I will do it in parallel with the rest of my group.
  • 4. I will indicate in good time any maneuvers, turns, stops, etc. And I will be very careful when doing them.
  • 5. I will give priority to pedestrians, slowing down when passing them.
  • 6. When cycling on a roundabout, a group of cyclists must behave as a single vehicle so I will stay in the group to facilitate the movement of the vehicles.
  • 7. I will maintain a positive attitude without seeking confrontation with other vehicles. I will not do what I do not want a car to do to me.