Goldcar Blue

Goldcar constantly reaffirms its commitment to the environment by adopting the latest quality systems and responsible resource management. The company offers its customers GOLDCAR BLUE division, a project to advance sustainability, through the hire of electric, hybrid and LPG vehicles.

Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca are Goldcar’s first smart cities. Two key places to bring the public its fleet of electric cars and to dive into a new way of driving that continues to grow and which is on its way to new stops in countries such as Italy.

Goldcar Blue represents a work philosophy focused on sustainability. A commitment to innovation and driving awareness that has led Goldcar to participate in different actions and activities in Spain and in the international arena: travels with journalists and bloggers, actions on social networks or conferences to share the Goldcar Blue experience.


Goldcar Blue

Why rent an electric, hybrid or LPG car?

This type of vehicle reduces the pollutant emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases such as, for example, the sulfur and nitrogen compounds (NOx and SOx).

Besides contributing to protect the environment, they have a great autonomy of between 200 and 500 km, they allow to save up to 40% in fuel and allow to experience the pleasure of driving without noise.


Fleet of Goldcar Blue

Goldcar has one of the youngest and largest fleets in Europe and this is also included in the Goldcar Blue fleet, whose vehicles age does not exceed 12 months. Electric, hybrid and LPG gas vehicles available in selected destinations in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

At Goldcar, we look to the future and we want to continue advancing on the path towards sustainability and business excellence that we have initiated.