Sustainable development

Conscientious personnel

Our Goldcar staff is 100% conscientious in improving the environment. Aware that performing small acts can achieve great things.


Sustainable development

By performing small acts you can achieve great things.

We have different points of recycling in all our offices, paper recycling, reduced water consumption and motion detectors to turn off and on the lights, amongst other measures. We also perform an energy audit annually to really understand where we are improving in regard to this aspect.

We encourage our employees to share vehicles to travel to work and to drive more safely as both will lead to reducing CO2 emissions.

The Goldcar Ethical Code includes behavioral patterns to minimise the environmental impact of daily activities is mandatory for all employees. As such, the Criminal Enforcement Policy defines crimes against the environment and the consequences of non-compliance.

We have prepared a dossier of good environmental practices and we have conducted environmental training to involve Group employees in respecting the environment.

The Dossier of good environmental practices is available to all Goldcar employees through the corporate intranet. This is an informative document showing the actions that employees must perform on subjects such as the sensible use of water, minimising power consumption for the use of office automation equipment, air conditioning and lighting and rational use of materials and the proper management of waste.

Environmental training has been aimed at all employees of the Central Services Goldcar.


Raising awareness in the workplace

Goldcar energy consumption is related to the consumption of electricity. Efforts to control and reduce its use are carried out through the implementation of solid measures, such as progressive change LED lighting, the development of measures to raise awareness amongst workers and control their consumption of utilities.

We have achieved a 9.2% reduction in electricity consumption on turnover.

Our commitment to environmental protection has led us to identify the relevant environmental aspects of our business and to carry out continuous improvement with respect to the environment.

Central Services Group has a certified environmental management system concurring to ISO 14001. The proper environmental management for other activities is done through specific procedures; the application is verified through annual internal audits, which are conducted in all Group offices and franchisees.


 Sustainable developmentSignificant environmental aspects identified for Goldcar activity are the generation of waste, energy consumption and water consumption and materials. Other potential significant environmental aspects, associated with the activity in the open areas and bases that have zones for cleaning, refuelling and maintenance of vehicles, are the residues from these operations and water consumption and washing products.

Goldcar controls water consumption in all facilities and carry out measures to reduce them. Washing vehicles in the open areas and depots, and the activity in the Goldcar Central Services, represent most of the water consumption of the company.


The water consumption control is performed by individual meters and weekly monitoring. This procedure allows us to identify possible leaks, reducing unnecessary consumption of this resource.

An important part of our process includes wash water recovery systems that reduce about 20% of water consumption per wash.



Concientious about our customers

Goldcar has always been very conscious of CO2 reductions and environmental care and therefore offers its customers the possibility to rent a greener vehicle, less damaging to the environment and a car equipped with the latest technology. You can choose between electric, hybrid or LPG vehicles from the Goldcar Blue fleet.

We at Goldcar offer the opportunity to our customers, who also wish to respect the environment, the option to hire blue cars, as well as give them the option to make CO2 offsets intended for environmental projects in Turkey.

If you want to help improve the environment, Goldcar we offer you the opportunity to participate and rent Blue.