Spanish drivers are willing to pay more for connected vehicles

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Spanish drivers are willing to pay more for connected vehicles

Safety, is the most important thing for 76% of motorists surveyed

Technology advances more rapidly every day, which also implies a change of mentality. This has been demonstrated by Goldcar, the market leading company in holiday car hire, through the latest survey conducted to assess the attitude of Spanish drivers to the connected car. The study shows that safety is the most valued factor and, therefore, 76% of respondents would be willing to pay more to buy a car with greater connectivity if it provides safer driving and 84% of motorists consider the connected vehicle real technological progress in terms of safety.

Also, the vast majority of respondents (83%) have full confidence in technology as a driving aid. The technological benefits most valued by drivers in terms of safety are those allowing a certain degree of prediction while driving, such as the ability to notify the driver when speeding (35%) or in an accident area (33%) and the inclusion of an excess alcohol detector at the wheel (32%).
Another factor analysed by the study is the coexistence with pedestrians and cyclists and the improvements that the connected car can introduce in this area. In this respect, 51% state that a built-in emergency braking system or a pedestrian presence warning device (42%) could be key to avoiding accidents. As for cyclists, 50% of users would like the vehicle to have a warning to indicate the safety distance to be maintained with cyclists, and 45% an alert to detect their proximity. The concern and commitment to safety by Goldcar led the company to launch the Respect and Coexist Manifesto last year, a code of respect and good practice between both groups to help in the reduction of road accidents.

“At Goldcar, we are aware of the paradigm shift in which we are immersed due to connectivity and digitalisation, and this is why we dedicate our efforts to be at the forefront of technological innovation to promote and encourage any initiative aimed at complying with the demands of a new increasingly connected traveller profile,”said Juan Carlos Azcona, CEO of Goldcar. In line with this new transformative trend are projects such as Clickn ‘Go, with which the company has become the first and only rent-a-car operator on the market to offer a digital system to rent and return the car without a key.