The budget-friendly cars, the ones with most demand for friend getaways 

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The budget-friendly cars, the ones with most demand for friend getaways 

•The beach is the most popular destination followed by travelling to other countries, cities within the same country, the mountains or the snow
•A large majority prefers to travel in small groups and stick together during the trip
• Thirty-nine percent claims they don’t take turns to drive compared to 34% that claims they do

the leading holiday Budget-friendly cars have the highest hire demand for getaways with friends according to the latest poll Goldcar,rental company, conducted among its users. The survey revealed that this is the favourite way to travel for 37% of Europeans groups, a percentage that rises up to 46% for their Spanish clients. Compact cars (36%) and family vehicles (20%) are the runner ups for hire demand when it comes to experiencing a group trip, while only 7% prefer automatic vehicles. 

When it comes to choosing the destination to enjoy with friends, the Europeans much prefer to have fun at the beach (50%) before opting to go abroad (24%), or other cities within their country (14%), the mountains (9%) or the snow (2%).

However, if we take a look at each country’s data, it should be noted that, for the French, travelling abroad is their second favourite option (40%), just after the beach (45%), which is way above the European average.

As far as travelling with friends goes, the vast majority (82%) prefers to do it in smaller groups, and 56% of the total respondents claim that they stick together when they visit their group member’s interest in contrast to 44% that admit they don’t.
This tendency is inverted for the German users because 61% said that they go their separate way versus 40% that said they stick together.

Although the vast majority stated they share tasks when they travel (69%), the percentage number lowers when it comes to driving because 39% said that they don’t take turns against a 34% that claim they do and 27% that stated they share this task sometimes. It should be noted that Portugal has an even larger gap with 56% stating no and 26% stating yes.

According to Goldcar’s CEO, Juan Carlos Azcona, “we know that many of our customers travel in groups so we wanted to ask citizens of different European countries about some of their habits when they go on holidays with friends. After reviewing the results of the survey, Goldcar wants to encourage drivers and the rest of the passengers to cooperate when it comes to driving, promote road safety and create a relaxed environment. Taking driving turns, besides making the journey a lot more entertaining, can help avoid dangerous situations such as getting sleepy behind the wheel.”
The survey conducted by Goldcar also shows the aspects that are liked the least by the respondents when they travel in groups. Close to 50% of the respondents claimed that crunching the numbers is their least favourite part, followed by a 40% who manifested that they don’t feel comfortable when they have to plan the next day’s activities, and just 13% who said it’s sharing the accommodation.