Goldcar reinforces its commitment to protect the environment

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Goldcar reinforces its commitment to protect the environment

On World Energy Saving Day, the company announces its new achievements in terms of sustainability

Goldcar, a market leading company in the holiday vehicle rental market, joins in with the celebration of the world day of energy saving, on October 21st, and reinforces its commitment to protect the environment with a number of measures aimed at rationalising energy consumption and minimising its carbon footprint.

As Tonica Safont, Director of Human Resources and Goldcar Customer Service explained, “the protection of the environment must be a priority issue for all of us. Our concern in this regard is ongoing, so we want to continue reducing the impact of our business activity, to manage it in the most responsible way possible for our environment, with a series of sustainability commitments.”

Among the most noteworthy measures put in place by Goldcar to minimise its carbon footprint is the incorporation of 255 hybrid, LPG and electric vehicles into its fleet. In addition, the company continues to strengthen its Goldcar Blue program, an electric car hire service available in Palma, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which aims to promote sustainable mobility among its customers. These initiatives have contributed to the reduction by more than 4% of the CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled by the Goldcar fleet.

Goldcar has also managed to reduce electricity consumption by 10% per employee in its central offices, by replacing traditional LED lighting systems, as well as developing measures to raise awareness among workers and control consumption in its facilities. Focusing on the reduction of the use of water, the company has water recovery systems in its washing areas, which allow them to reuse up to 20% in their car washes. In total, 4,164 cubic metres of water have been reduced, representing 14.8% more than the previous year.

In addition, with the aim of raising awareness and involving employees in the protection of the environment, Goldcar promotes the shared use of cars to get to offices, organises reforestation days and encourages the recycling of toners and paper throughout the office network, aiming to reduce the use of it by up to 60%.

All these activities are included in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report corresponding to 2016. Prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), this includes all the actions developed by Goldcar that allow it to continue to belong to the United Nations Global Compact. These recommendations are framed in seven key areas: commitment to corporate social responsibility, improvement of experience and customer satisfaction, collaboration with the community, sustainable growth, commitment to employees, protection of the environment and relationships with suppliers.