Goldcar employees participate in a reforestation day in the city of San Juan


Goldcar employees participate in a reforestation day in the city of San Juan

The initiative is part of the commitment to protect the environment and the community, key axes of its CSR policy

Goldcar, a market leading company in holiday vehicle rental, collaborates with the town of San Juan in its reforestation plan for the area with the aim of generating a positive impact on the community and contributing to Promote environmental education amongst its employees.

During the day yesterday, around 25 employees of Goldcar’s central services  participated in a reforestation project to plant 120 shrubs of native species such as carob, carob, wild olive, lavender, rosemary and albaida, amongst others. . All of them were acquired in the San Juan nursery with the aim of promoting local trade.

For the development of the project, the employees have had the support of a Red Cross team that has been in charge of guiding them during the planting of the trees. Thanks to them, it has been possible to answer such questions as the type of soil on which they is being planted, why specific plants have been chosen or, for example, what will be the repercussion of this action.

The day was also attended by the director of Human Resources of Goldcar, Tonica Safont, the mayor of the municipality of San Juan, Jaime Albero, and the technician for the Environment, Darío Moreno i Alzuyet, who collaborated with Goldcar employees with the reforestation.

As Tonica Safont, Director of Human Resources and Goldcar Customer Service explained, “the protection of the environment must be a priority issue for us all. At Goldcar we promote activities such as the one we carried out today to make employees aware of the importance of working to neutralise the footprint generated by our activity and to promote a culture based on respect, teamwork and care for the environment.”

Goldcar’s participation in this reforestation plan of the town of San Juan is another example of the company’s commitment to protecting the environment. In fact, Goldcar has established a number of measures, included in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report, aimed at rationalising energy consumption and minimising its carbon footprint.

Among the most noteworthy initiatives launched by Goldcar to minimise its carbon footprint is the incorporation of 255 hybrid, LPG and electric vehicles into its fleet. In addition, the company continues to strengthen its Goldcar Blue program, an electric car hire service available in Palma, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which aims to promote sustainable mobility among its customers. These measures have contributed to the reduction by more than 4% of CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled by the Goldcar rental fleet.