Goldcar donates more than € 35,000 to the Spanish Committee of UNHCR


Goldcar donates more than € 35,000 to the Spanish Committee of UNHCR

It has raised funds through a microdonative campaign to provide basic supplies to refugees helped by the UN Refugee Agency. The company has made a donation for each solidarity user who has participated in the initiative

Goldcar, a market leader company in the holiday vehicle rental market, has donated €35,167, 14 to the Spanish Committee of ACNUR as a result of a microdonative campaign, through its ecommerce platform, which will be allocated to the project to help people displaced by the Syrian conflict of UNHCR. The delivery of the donation coincides with the today´s celebration of the International Day of Human Solidarity.

In June 2016, Goldcar launched an initiative whereby customers who made a car hire booking through the website could make a donation at the end of the payment for the service. The campaign also involved Goldcar’s direct commitment to provide the same amount for each micro-donation from a user who participates in it. In this way, the company has managed to raise more than €17,000 which, added to the Goldcar donation, represents more than €35,000, far exceeding the expectations of reaching the minimum figure of €13,000 per year.

The agreement between Goldcar and the Spanish Committee of UNHCR has a vocation for continuity and the objective is to extend its duration as is necessary in order to raise as much funds as possible and help in the search for solutions to improve living conditions and the future of the most vulnerable.

Goldcar offered users the possibility of making two types of donations, which correspond to a specific type of aid for the distribution of basic supplies on the ground: €2 for a daily dose of water for 6 refugees; and €4 for nappies for a baby for 1 month.

As explained by Fernando Sevillano, Head of Strategic Alliances, of the Spanish Committee of ACNUR, “we are delighted with the funds that Goldcar has raised for the Spanish Committee of UNHCR. Thanks to agreements of this type, we can continue carrying out our work to get humanitarian aid to refugees in the Mediterranean. In addition, the continuity of this collaboration will contribute to helping as we carry on working together for this cause, since it is one of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time

According to Juan Carlos Azcona, Chief Executive Officer of Goldcar, “we are proud to have doubled our expectations and be able to deliver such an important sum to the Spanish Committee of UNHCR that, without a doubt, will contribute to the magnificent humanitarian work that they carry out. In addition, our commitment to collaborate with a donation from Goldcar makes us feel especially involved in the cause. It is important that we all contribute our bit in humanitarian causes and, at Goldcar, we encourage our clients and other companies to contribute, as far as possible, to improving the conditions for the most needy”.