Ana Carrasco sponsor and Drivex School provider

Ana Carrasco y otros dos pilotos con botellas PROSECCO DOC , la espuma de una en explosión, Motorbike World Championship, logo Goldcar

Ana Carrasco sponsor and Drivex School provider

Goldcar continues to sponsor the famous young pilot from Kawasaki, Ana Carrasco,and a provider for the Drivex School.

In 2017, Ana Carrasco became the first female pilot who won a motorcyclist world race and the first female leader of a World Championship of this sport’s International Federation. Her professional journey is filled with successes that don’t stop there, she was also the winner of this year’s Imola circuit.

On the other hand, Drivex School is a team with a long history of experience in Formula 1 type tournaments and is currently very active participating in opens and national, european and international championchips. It also organises events for businesses and it trains technicians for high level competitions.

Goldcar’s reflects on the sports values represented by the two aformentioned symbols: “talent”, “work”, “improvement” and “young spirit”, which are terms that Pedro Pablo Sastre, Goldcar eCommerce Director and Miguel Angel de Castro, Drivex director, have mentioned when talking about our company.

The Goldcar fleet of vehicles undoubtedly helps the Drivex team to move around with the collaboration of eMarketingMotion, one of the entities that make Goldcar more relevant out in the market and a more stable sponsorship capability.