Goldcar and the car and motorcycle circuit in Barcelona – Catalonia

Circuit de Barcelona Goldcar

Goldcar and the car and motorcycle circuit in Barcelona – Catalonia

Goldcar is a sponsor for the Gran Premio de Catalonia of the motorcycling world championship and for the Formula 1 championship of the country.

Racingtrack whose owners are the government of Catalonia, the Real Automovil Club of Catalonia and the Montmelo townhall.

This is the only layout in Europe with tracks of MotoGP such as Formula 1, a really attractive and modern track located in Montmelo, Barcelona. Its high safety is due, among other things, to spacious areas designed for the possible exits of the participating vehicles. It includes 79.5 acres and it surroundings can host more than 100 thousand spectators.

It is known to be the place for the Gran Premio since 1991 to the present day and has seen famous winners such as Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi, with more than 5 victories each in their fields, the first on in car racing (F1) and the latter one in motorcycle racing (MotoGP).

Without a doubt, the latest noise technology, green spaces, the weather, the golden sand of the coast and Barcelana, the Ciudad Condal, turn it into a really interesting destination for the public and its participants.

The competitive spirit, the effor, attention, speed and improvement are essential values for our centruy and for a company that is continuously developing such as Goldcar, which aims to grow and reach even further.