Goldcar, sponsor of the Madison Beach Volley Tour

Imagen símbolo de Madison Beach Volley Tour representando una pelota y una silueta deportiva doblada en un círculo azul como el agua y color arena

Goldcar, sponsor of the Madison Beach Volley Tour

Goldcar sponsors the Beach Volleyball circuit Madison Beach Volley Tour. This is a sports program organized by the company Madison along side the Spanish Volleyball Federation.

It began in 2013 at a national level and it doesn’t just offer the public an amazing competition, it also offers music, games for the kids, contests, raffles and other activities.

The participants represent the best in the country, as well as professionals from other countries such as Russia, Argentina, Brazil, or Uruguay which makes turns the beach into a very interactive international setting.

With the motto of “Live the Experience” and “Cross your Limits”, Goldcar is fully present in this project filled with sun and the beach. A unique experience that you cannot miss.