Goldcar supports the projects of the Amamusic company


Goldcar supports the projects of the Amamusic company

Goldcar feels proud to support the Alicante agency Amamusic as well as the boost of the music culture and its different sides.

Amamusic was born in Alicante and specializes on any service that focuses on musicians and music professionals. This is one of the reason they are fully invested on the creation of all kinds of events such as concerts or festivals, communication and management supplies and even merchandising manufacturing.

Meet and Live is one of the agency’s projects and it was designed to give the public a unique and immediate experience. This agency, which is dedicated to the creation and development of original music events, has recreated an exclusive space setting and staging. In it, you can experience music in different formats.

Goldcar wants to be a part of new and unique ideas, supporting the spread of music and the different talents.