Goldcar is a provider of the Drivex School team


Goldcar is a provider of the Drivex School team

Goldcar experiences the motor world once more by being a provider of the Drivex School team.

The Drivex School is a team with vast experience in F1-type tournaments and actively participates in opens and national, European and international championships.
Currently, it participates in the international GT Open, Euroformula Open and the F4 Spain championship. They also include a division dedicated towards the organisation of experiential events for businesses and a technician academy specialized in top-level competition.

Miguel Angel de Castro, Drivex Director states: “We are pleased to have Goldcar as an official provider for Drivex because it is a brand that is highly involved in the young spirit that we share in our team and school. Also, their large fleet helps us to transport the team to the different competition settings. I hope for a fruitful and long lasting relationship for both parties.”

Goldcar shares the sporting values represented by the talent, work, motivation and young spirit that Drivex exudes and it demonstrates each year.